Why Acceso?

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Targeted Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the sequence, students will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the main ideas of a variety of genres of authentic written texts directed at a general audience, and with guidance be able to analyze more nuanced aspects of the texts with respect to language use in its cultural context.
  2. Comprehend Spanish language use that is directed at them and be able to understand the main ideas of spoken language intended for a native audience; more importantly students will develop the ability to identify specific areas of misunderstanding and request clarification to facilitate comprehension.
  3. Communicate their ideas both orally and in writing in such a way that native speakers unaccustomed to non-native Spanish will be able to comprehend these ideas, though this spoken and written language use will be far from error free. By the end of 3rd semester Spanish, successful students’ language use will align with the description of Intermediate-Mid for both speaking and writing. By the end of 4th semester, student language use will target Intermediate-High proficiency as described by the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers (ACTFL).
  4. Develop and refine their ability to write effectively in Spanish through guided journal writing and a structured, process-oriented approach to formal composition.
  5. Demonstrate broad cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking world and the ability to relate this awareness to their understanding of their own cultural experiences.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to analyze social issues from more than one perspective through the development of cultural sensitivity and more nuanced critical thinking skills.
  7. Use technology to access the virtual Spanish-speaking world independently and effectively in order broaden their range of information sources.

Expectations for student work

Successful students will prepare for class meetings by carefully working through the steps for a given activity. You are NOT expected to comprehend everything that you read or hear nor memorize all of the information that you encounter! Instead, you should make every effort to comprehend the Spanish language and cultural content that you encounter as you work through the activity, note aspects for clarification in class, and use the embedded comprehension checks as indicators of successful preparation. This familiarity with the material will allow for successful participation in more in-depth guided analyses of language and content in class.